Frequently asked questions - 28 pages of useful information


Please familiarize yourself with these three pages first before you get to the individual techniques because it is important to have as good an understanding as possible about how much of your life is affected since that has a direct bearing on the actions you can take to get rid of this phobia

A very important question - WHAT KIND OF PHOBIA DO I HAVE ?
Is it just balloons -IS IT SPECIFIC OR GENERAL ?
Different solutions -WHICH WAY TO GO ?

BALLOON POPPING PHOBIA - the suggestion section

Frequently asked questions - and some answers.

The following list can apply to either SIMPLE or COMPLEX phobias but
more applicable as a starting point for simple phobias.

Setting goals to overcome the fear of balloons popping - motivation.

Becoming used to balloons popping -
de-sensitisation techniques.

which includes pages on increasing the size of the balloon, and keeping the balloons the same size.

To read more about de-sensitisation and Joseph Wolpe who developed it click here

Changing how you react to balloons - three linked pages describe a useful technique.

Change your attitude to balloons - and be more at ease.

Relaxation can help.
Surprisingly forgiveness can help too.

These next items aim to help you with a MORE COMPLEX phobia.

Seeking professional help.
Confidence building.

These items contain general information.

How did I get this way ?
Will I grow out of it ?
How will it affect my life ?
Can I be cured ?
Can balloons be dangerous ?
How many people are like me ?
What do other people think of me ?
Is it embarrassing to buy balloons ?
Is it part of my make-up - genetic influences.

And something that most people would think to be obvious... but read on...

How to blow up a balloon !